Rally fee is 65 EUR + 4 € tourist tax per person for 4 overnight stays in the camp, free entrance to Planet Water, 1 Easter breakfast (or dinner), 1 trip to Kumrovec museum Ethno village, entertainment program and sport. Extra day in campsite is 10€ per person.

For Hotel Well is 180€ more (65+180=245€ - one person for four nights in double bed room) all included (breakfast,lunch,dinner and drinks). Extra day in hotel is 45€.

The third bed in room is optionally for children and is 15% cheaper (180-15%= 153€ + 65€=218€ )

Single bed room is 228€ more ( 65+228=293€)

For Hostel bed is 40€ + 65€= 105€ per person. Extra night is 10€ more.

All participants from campsite and Hostel can reserve breakfast buffet 7€ a day and lunch buffet 15€ in Hotel Well restoran.


Incoming transfers from Airport Franjo Tuđman ( Zagreb ) to Kamp Terme Tuhelj:

By car ( Taxi ) 

1 person 375,00 kn ( cca 50€ )

2 persons 450,00 kn ( cca 60€ )

4-5 persons 550 kn (cca 74€ )

6-8 persons  750,00 kn ( cca 100€)

30-35 persons 1200,00 kn ( cca 160€)

For transfers contact e-mail for reservation is Ova e-mail adresa je zaštićena od spambota. Potrebno je omogućiti JavaScript da je vidite.


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Reservation deadline 01.03.2018.

Please fill the Registration Form and send it to: Ova e-mail adresa je zaštićena od spambota. Potrebno je omogućiti JavaScript da je vidite. 



Campsite Terme Tuhelj is situated on a nice grassy area, shaded by trees in close proximity to Zagreb (50 km). Campsite guests have free access to "Vodeni Planet" which is the largest swimming pool resort in Croatia.

In this small, quiet campsite you can entrust the preparation of meals to others and visit the nearby hotel spa  or treat yourself to culinary delights at the restaurants in the Vodeni planet. However, if you wish to prepare your own meals on a barbecue, then in the campsite there are two grill spots for this very purpose. The campsite has proper sanitary installations with showers and a dishwashing space.

Organizator : Udruga Kampista Hrvatske


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